ProductNCR Protein-Free Cryopreservation Medium2019-07-31 16:53:15
Product Overview

Serum-free and ready-to-use freezing medium with a formulation optimized for stem cells and primary cells. Allow direct freezing of cells at -80℃


- Allow one-step freezing of cells at -80℃, thus eliminating the need for programmed temperature methods or controlled-rate freezing.

- Cell viability over 90% for most mammalian cells after freeze-thaw.

- Maintain stem cell pluripotency, normal karyotype, and proliferation capability after freeze-thaw.

- Batch-to-batch consistency.


- Store at 2-8℃; stable at 2-8℃ for up to 3 year.

- Product should be discarded beyond the labeled expiration date.

- For optimal performance, avoid repeated warm-cooling and freeze-thawing.

Quality Control

Standard evaluation includes:

1. Sterility test (bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma)

2. pH test

3. Osmolality

4. Endotoxin

Intended use

Intended for non-human laboratory research use only.