ProductNon-Essential Amino Acid (NEAA) Cell Culture Supplement2019-07-31 17:47:14
Product Overview

NEAA Cell Culture Supplement is a 100× stock solution containing 7 kinds of non-essential amino acids. It is used as a supplement to cell culture media for optimized cell growth.

Most cells can synthesize non-essential amino acids (NEAA) through glucoaminolysis, glycolysis, or the TCA cycle. When these amino acids concentration level are low, cells need to consume more glucose and glutamine in the media and produce excess by-products, which might affect cell growth. Adding NEAA into the cell culture medium could mitigate the potential side effects caused by self-production of these non-essential amino acids.


The seven amino acids are resolved in pH 1.5~1.7 HCl solution.

Amino Acids : Concentration (mg/l)

Glycine : 750

L-Alanine : 890

L-Asparagine : 1320

L-Aspartic acid : 1330

L-Glutamic Acid : 1470

L-Proline : 1150

L-Serine : 1050


- Store at 2-8°C for up to one year.

- Avoid repeated warm-cooling and freeze-thawing for optimal performance.

Quality Control

Standard evaluation includes:

1. Sterility test (bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma)

2. pH test

3. Osmolality

4. Endotoxin

Intended use

1 mL NEAA Cell Culture Supplement is added into 99mL cell growth medium for cell culture.