ProductITS Cell Culture Supplement (100×)2019-07-31 17:52:09
Product Overview

Cyagen ITS (Insulin, Transferrin, Selenium) Cell Culture Supplement (100×) is a liquid reagent to be added into serum-reduced cell culture medium to stimulate proliferation of a variety of cells.


- Improved ability to support cell proliferation in low serum media condition.

- Batch-to-batch consistency.


The ingredients are resolved in pH 7.0~7.2 EBSS solution.

Ingredients : Weight/ 5mL

Human Recombinant insulin : 3.125 mg

Human Transferrin : 3.125 mg

Selenous Acid : 3.125 μg

BSA : 0.625 g

Linoleic acid : 2.675 mg


- Store at 2-8oC in dark for up to one year.

- Avoid repeated warm-cooling and freeze-thawing for optimal performance. 

Quality Control

Standard evaluation includes:

1. Sterility test (bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma)

2. pH test

3. Osmolality

4. Endotoxin

Intended use

1 mL ITS Cell Culture Supplement (100×) is added to 99 mL low serum medium for cell culture.